Immersion Vibrators

(Concrete Pneumatic Poker Vibrators)

Our pneumatic poker concrete vibrators are designed for use in concrete construction to provide improved concrete consolidation.

High performance vibration equipment for every application

Over the past 40 years, PneuVibe have developed high quality vibrators engineered to withstand the harshest treatments, all while being easily maintainable and simple to use. 

Our pneumatic concrete vibrators vibrate fresh concrete so it becomes liquified, filling any air pockets, resulting in superior concrete integrity with greater strength and a reduced chance of cracking or crumbling.  

PneuVibe can offer pneumatic poker and concrete vibrators for a range of requirements, from the hand held range through to the external type used for shutter vibrators, tampers and surface finishes. 

The hand held collection of vibrators features a bearingless turbine assembly with twin hosing for air feed, exhaust and handling, as well as a twist control to regulate speed. These features are combined to give high frequency and high centrifugal force to ensure maximum efficiency. 

We take pride in the fact that all PneuVibe vibrators are affordable, simple to operate and effective to run.

View details of your specific plate compactor below:

Head Diameter (mm)253545557587
Head Weight (kg)0.722.64.78.810
Head Length (mm)254270321353398415
Frequency (vpm)210001800018000175001600014000
Placement (m3/h)51520354550
Air Consumption (l/min)36045064085012001400
Hose Length (m)222222
Force (n)6531665320066021401617750
Total Weight2.546.591518